No Tox Life

Package Free Solid Conditioner

Ditch the plastic bottle with this vegan seaweed conditioner bar. It's only 1.5oz and perfect for someone making the switch to hair products!

Kit Includes

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Super long-lasting

SLS-free formula is made with cleansers designed for sensitive scalps.

Suitable for many hair types, from straight and fine, to thick, wavy, frizzy, as well as colour treated hair.

How To Use:

• ~Wet hair thoroughly

• ~Rub the solid shampoo on hair lightly, first at the top of the head and then towards the base of the neck. Use fingers to massage the shampoo in and create the lather. A little goes a long way. Excessive rubbing of the solid product on the head will cause your product to be used up much faster than normal

• ~For brittle hair types, rub hands on the solid shampoo until you have bit on your hands. Use fingers to work shampoo into hair and create lather.

• ~Use our solid conditioner on lengths and ends.

• ~Rinse well with water (no vinegar required)

• Warning: Keep out of eyes! It is gentle but not designed to be used in the eyes, if you get a little in there then rinse gently with clean water.

Infused with seaweed extract and macadamia oil

100% plastic free, packaged in a recyclable paper wrap

Bath products containing unhealthy ingredients and packaged in plastic bottles

Zero Waste!