Our mission is To eliminate single use plastic and reduce waste in Bermuda by offering sustainable and reusable alternatives to disposable items we use everyday.

Our founder

As a born and bred Bermudian, I naturally have a love and passion for the environment. I continued that passion in university, where I majored in environmental sustainability in the hope that one day I could use my degree towards something meaningful. After moving home in 2016, I quickly noticed how few options we had for sustainable products and everyday items. It felt almost impossible to make eco-friendly choices, especially when it came to shopping. On top of lack of options, anything eco-friendly tends to be more expensive than the single-use items that most people still opt for. Long story short, all of this has led me to Redo. 

- Jacqui Smith 


At Redo, we are dedicated to reducing our reliance on anything single-use. Less than 10% of plastic used around the world is actually recycled. Not to mention, plastic can’t be recycled in Bermuda.

A little background on the primary materials found in our products is essential to understanding the impact of replacing wasteful items with sustainable materials:

Stainless steel is a long-lasting, corrosion-free material primarily made of scrap metal. While it does require a fair amount of energy to produce, the production process is less harmful to the environment than plastic. Free of harmful chemicals, food-grade stainless steel is better for your health and the planet. More durable than plastic, stainless steel can last decades with proper care. At the end of its life, more than 80% of stainless steel items are recycled. 

Aluminium is considered one of the most efficient and sustainable materials on the planet. It is much more durable than plastic and can be recycled infinitely. In fact, about 75% of aluminium ever made is still in use today.

Silicone is a stretchy, highly reusable material, unlike single-use plastics. While silicone is a synthetic, man-made material, it is derived from silicon, which is a naturally occurring element found in the earth’s crust. Unlike plastic, silicone does not release harmful chemicals and carcinogens into your food or the environment. Another benefit is that it doesn't break down when lost in the ocean into micro-pieces like plastic does.

Glass is a raw material made from sand, limestone and soda ash. While glass production isn’t perfect, there are a number of reasons why it’s a better alternative to plastic. Plastic is petroleum-based, making the materials non-renewable and unsustainable to produce, while glass is 100% recyclable, reusable, non-toxic, and doesn’t release any chemicals or harmful waste into the environment.


As a small business, and one dedicated to the environment, we will only be delivering on the weekends. Place your order before 3pm on Friday afternoon and receive your purchase on Saturday or Sunday. Sticking to two delivery dates per week helps reduce energy and emissions as we aim to prioritize the environment wherever we can.  


Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. Subscribe and save on your next order. Our subscription service will automatically deliver our refill products on a regularly scheduled basis. You can modify or cancel your subscription anytime!

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