Organic Cotton Day Pad

A better option for you and the planet. As absorbent as a standard-size maxi pad and perfect for a moderate flow.

Kit Includes

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9" long, 2.75" wide (when snapped). Equivalent to a standard-size maxi pad. Includes 1 holder + 2 inserts.

Cleaning & Care:

• ~Soak in cold water, if desired, to help prevent staining. Use the presoak function on your washing machine, or soak in a covered rust-proof container. Change soaking water daily.

• ~Machine wash cold using a natural detergent and tumble dry low or line dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. You may hand wash pads if desired.

• ~Remove pads from dryer promptly and store flat to eliminate wrinkling; use cool iron if desired. Store your pads in a clean, dry place until next use

• Avoid using detergents with fabric softeners or whiteners/brighteners as these can inhibit the absorbency of your cloth pads. Be aware that soaking your cloth pads in water with additives such as hydrogen peroxide can degrade the fabric and lead to holes. For this reason, we recommend utilizing stain removers as spot treatments and do not advise soaking cloth pads in water treated with peroxide-based stain removers.

• We do not recommend the use of castile soap, facial soap, or other soaps not intended for textile laundering. Excess detergent may lead to build up, which can limit the absorbency of your cloth pads.

Undyed, made with organically grown cotton

Zero packaging! Shipped completely unboxed and package free.

Disposable, single-use menstrual pads

GladRag pads can be used for years before you have to toss em’.